Gourmet stroll with music

Aug 8, 2020

In partnership with the Musicales de Champex-Lac

Admire, listen and taste the plants of the Flore-Alpe Botanical Garden!
The Z'encordés trio takes you on a poetic stroll to meet the plants of the Jardin Flore-Alpe. At each musical stopover, culinary discoveries prepared by Hélène Lavaux, from the Chalet des fées, will await you. Let yourself be surprised!

Les Z'encordés
The trio Les Z'encordés is dedicated to exploring and introducing its audience to all kinds of musical traditions. Situated between jazz and classical music, the ensemble draws most of its repertoire from popular music; a universe between tradition, innovation and improvisation that has inspired great composers such as Dmitri Shostakovich, George Enesco and Astor Piazzolla. The three musicians, each playing several instruments, explore all the styles, tessitura and sonorities that their fascinating and atypical instrumental training allows them to achieve.

Composers on occasion, Laurent Volet and Bernard Schwenter do not hesitate to compose for their ensemble, thus perpetuating the tradition of a living music.

Hélène Lavaux, herbalist
Specializing for 7 years in the gathering and cooking of wild plants, Hélène created the Chalet des Fées in the Diablerets region, before moving a few years later to Troistorrents to develop her organic permaculture garden. She offers vegetarian menus including wild seasonal plants. Discover their flavors, fragrances and benefits.

Gourmet stroll with music
Route de l'Adray 27
1938 Champex-Lac