Exhibition at the Jardin Alpin: "From the alpine to the garden"

Jun 6, 2020, 10:00 - Oct 15, 2020, 18:00

To be discovered in the reception area of the Botanical Garden

The artist
Laurence Piaget-Dubuis is an eco-artist, graphic designer and photographer from the Valais, author of several art projects related to climate change. In 2019, it participated in four exhibitions, among others solo, two collectives and an "art and science" expedition on the Findelen glacier. In an age of culture is a means of increasing vigilance, democracy and the ability to adapt to rapid change. consciences, the artist is committed to a transition towards a sustainable and possible future.

The Alpine Centre for Phytogeography
Since 1991, the scientific research of the Flore-Alpe Botanical Garden has been carried out by the Alpine Centre. of phytogeography (CAP). WTP is active in the long-term study of the impact of changes climatic conditions on the vegetation of the Alps. In particular, he is recognized for his work on the evolution of the alpine flora and the forest border in Valais.
Entrée payante : Adulte > CHF 8.- ; enfant, étudiant, senior> CHF 4.-
Exhibition at the Jardin Alpin: "From the alpine to the garden"
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