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Artillery Fort

Un des canons du fort
d'artillerie de Champex-Lac.

A fascinating world, in the heart of the mountains with a strange atmosphere – a hidden fortress under the Alps. Champex-Lac Artillery Fort constitutes a central pillar of the fortifications in the Grand-Saint-Bernard region.

Built in 1940 and 1943, modernised and adapted for a possible nuclear conflict during the Cold War period, the work was used by the Swiss army until 1998. More than 600 metres of tunnels dug into the mountain. Totally invisible from the outside, the fort was able to house 300 men.


Exhibition at Flore-Alpe botanical garden

Les beautés de la flore alpine au
jardin Flore-Alpe à Champex.

Each summer, the works of a sculptor can be viewed at Flore-Alpe botanical garden.

This is always wonderful and visitors cannot eulogise enough, particularly with respect to the perfect combination of nature and sculpture.



catholic chapelle

Champex-Lac has no fewer than three chapels.

The Nativité built in 1910 is a private chapel. The Catholic chapel dedicated to St-Bernard was built in 1938.

This overlooks the lake on the eastern side, while the Protestant Chapelle des Arolles is hidden in the forest near the beach and is particularly well-suited to classical music concerts.


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